Tips for Designing a Minimalist Garden

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f you’re interested in trying some minimalist themes in your garden space during your next project for landscaping in Alpharetta, GA, here are a few suggestions to try.

Build Barriers
If you do not have backyard walls yet, consider how you can use fencing or hardscaping to give shape to your backyard space. Sectioning off portions of the lawn with geometric paving, plant pots, and furniture can help accentuate these characteristics of a minimalist-infused backyard design.

Pick Just a Few Plants
In the spirit of enjoying your backyard plant life, you should consider picking just a few garden plants for your landscape instead of a dozen and planting them in strategic patterns. You can also utilize pots to give even more unique accents and shape to the plants in your backyard design. One benefit of using fewer plants in your design is that maintenance will be that much simpler—which is what the minimalistic philosophy is all about.

Be Basic with Materials
A minimalist-themed garden will only require a few, basic materials. The color and variety choice are truly up to you, but the most successful looks are going to be the ones that you don’t have to go too overboard to create. This applies to any chairs or fireplace accessories that you choose as well. Using simple colors, plenty of neutrals, and limiting the variety of the materials used will help you pull off the look perfectly.

Consider Unique Terracing
Instead of incorporating a wide variety of plants into your garden, you can incorporate unique terracing and hardscaping barriers that are tailored to your yard. If your backyard is at the bottom of a hill, create terracing that creeps up that hill.

Running Water
A minimalist design focus means that incorporating water into your landscaping design is that much more realistic. You can include a very small, steadily dripping waterfall that falls into a geometric pool of rocks and water. This not only adds something visual but contributes to the soothing sound of gently running water in your backyard.

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