Is Vaastu important for a modular kitchen?

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Vaastu is based on the concepts of different superpowers that rule different aspects of our life. Many people think why is Vaastu important for modular kitchens? Because the kitchen has a very close association with fire that is one of the major forces. Hence, the direction and alignment of things need to be planned well. There are four quadrants in the house. Out of these four, the east quadrant is the best for the kitchen. According to experts, the southeast direction is the best place for placing a gas stove, microwave oven, or induction plate so that the cook faces in the east. If it is not possible, then the northwest direction is the next suitable choice, but the west quadrant is not that effective. According to the concepts of Vaastu, anything related to water suppresses positive energy in a kitchen. The kitchen should not be placed below or above a room of worship, bedroom or toilet.
It is relevant in the modern world also

Nowadays, people get homes designed by modern architects and designers. However, Vaastu hasn’t lost the reference yet. Why is Vaastu important for modular kitchens? Since there is very limited space available in modern kitchens, it is further important to restore and use maximum energy.

A few important Vaastu concepts

· Entrance: The entry door of the kitchen should be in the East direction for maximum benefit. Alternatively, it can be in the west or north directions. It mustn’t be in the corner.

Source of fire: Any source of fire (gas stove, microwave oven, induction plate, OTG) should be placed in the southwest corner. It should be a few inches away from the wall. There should not be any storage above the source of the fire.

Dining place: Placing a dining table in the center of the room attracts negative energy. The best place to keep the dining table is the northwest corner. It is good to sit facing the east or north direction while eating. South is not a good direction for having food.

Gas cylinder: South-east is the ideal direction for placing a gas cylinder. However, it is okay to keep empty cylinders in the southwest or any direction.

Refrigerator: It should be kept in the South direction always. North or south-east is the next important direction.

Does the article explain why is Vaastu important for modular kitchens? With the proper research, experts can achieve fantastic results.

There are many Vaastu tips for modular kitchens and furniture. Nowadays people tend to give heed to these things since they consider them as an important aspect.

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