How Lighting Affects Your Interior Design

Lighting describes the way an area is made known to the human eye through either natural or artificial light. infect, Great lighting creates depth and height, cozy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas. It’s all about the balance of light and shade and bringing new energy to an interior. Lighting is as important as every other element of the design. it says Good lighting changes and transforms a space. We use light and shade to make a room feel comfortable but also dramatic and atmospheric.

Natural light emanates either from the sun, stars or fire The intensity of these sources will vary according to the time of day and the location. Buildings are often designed to optimize the capture of natural daylight.

Artificial light is generally easily manipulated to achieve the required lighting outcome. The light can be increased or decreased, directed, focused and colored. This allows lighting to create a range of effects according to the requirements of a space.

Always consider the natural light first when choosing colors for an interior design project. The best way to determine the proper colors that would complement the amount of natural light is to learn where the room is facing.

Direct lighting
This kind of light comes from the sources such as ceiling fixtures or luminous ceiling that shed light downwards, or from lamps with translucent shades spreading light in all directions.

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Indirect lighting
Lighting in which the light emitted by a source is diffusely reflected. It may also come from a lamp with an opaque shade open only on top. Light is then thrown against the ceiling or washes against the wall and is reflected back into the room. It’s softer than direct lighting, but often more costly in both installation and operation.

Indirect light

Diffused lighting
When light fittings are completely enclosed or concealed, as with some globes and ceiling panels, the light is diffused since it passes through the glass or plastic. Diffused lighting is also glare free and produces a flat appearance.

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Effect lighting
In this method, the light source remains embedded in the ceiling or some architectural element and serves to highlight only the light itself, creating a dramatic effect. It is often used indoors in crown molding and outdoors in landscaping or façades.

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Accent lighting
Used mainly to focus on a specific point of interest or to achieve a desired effect. This type of lighting gives the impression of a larger room. Accent lighting is often used outdoors, to highlight a beautiful tree, plant or water feature, or to draw the eye to a particular area of the landscape. Recessed or track lighting is often used for accent lighting, with adjustable fittings that allow light to be focused precisely even on a small object. As a general rule, effective accent lighting requires the installation of three times more light on the focal point than ambient lighting generally provides.

Wall Washing
Wall washing is when light is uniformly spread out over a wall from top to bottom. Evenly illuminating the entire wall hides imperfections and eliminates shadows. As a result, the wall appears clear and bright, any architecture is emphasized, and the room as a whole looks more spacious. Wall washing is best used on walls with a smooth, flat surface to limit shadowing.

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Without question, lighting is an essential element when it comes to interior design. It’s necessary to ensure that lighting also serves a concrete function aside from improving the interior design aesthetically.

Planning to make the most out of your design with lighting? It’s necessary to leave the lighting scheme to expert interior designers who know the proper blend of light and colors like the back of their hands. This is the best way to make sure that you get the atmosphere and the mood you want every time you step into your room.

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