20 Best Cryptocurrencies

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2020 and 2021 kicked off radically different than everyone expected due to COVID-19. The whole economic system came crashing down and no sector – whether it be healthcare, retail or financial – was safe from the downturn effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, many people lost their jobs and found themselves in complete financial turmoil. …

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What is a Hydrophobic Coating?

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“Hydrophobic” literally means water-repelling, as such a hydrophobic coating results in water molecules being repelled from a treated surface. Hydrophobic coatings and treatments are typically utilized to decrease surface energy, repel liquids and other fouling materials, or for applications where having a surface that does not wet out when exposed to moisture is desirable. Most …

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What are Bitcoin ATMs?

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There are now 8948 crypto and Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, with Canada hosting the second-highest number of any country after the U.S. Canadians can now buy crypto from 819 locations across the country. The number of these machines has exploded worldwide since Netcoins’ president, Mitchell Demeter, helped install the first-ever Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver in 2013. …

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How to turn off two-factor authentication facebook without logging in

Facebook provides multiple security options to protect your Facebook account. The options that Facebook provides are two-factor authentication, verification code on an email address, and security question. All these ways will allow you to recover your Facebook password easily. But there are times that you want to turn off the two-factor authentication mode without logging …

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Technologies That Changing the Olympics

The Covid-delayed 2020 Summer Olympics are finally underway in Tokyo; and thanks to Olympics technology innovations ranging from light show drones to athletic performance biometrics and sports training wearables to 3D and other immersive broadcasting enhancements, the Tokyo Games are delivering all the pageantry and drama that’s expected of the world’s premier sporting event in …

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