Types of Irrigation Systems

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When it comes to irrigation products for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes, customers often have a hard time figuring out what product they should be having installed at their location. Even if you have found a quality company, such as CQ Pump & Irrigation, to visit your location and complete the installation of water pumps …

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Tips for Fertilizing

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Beautiful, full trees provide shade during the hottest parts of the day. Their presence in your backyard can lower your air conditioning bills and help create an oasis in your outdoor space. However, when a tree near your home gets sick, its removal can be an unwanted expense. So what can you do to ensure …

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Foods for a Healthy Brain

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An antioxidant Role Research has shown evidence that free radicals which damage tissues in the body, including the brain, may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease. The production of antioxidants in the body, that help control free radicals, may not be enough to stop the attack. But you can get more antioxidants in your body …

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Using drones to protect crops

The use of drones in the agriculture industry is steadily growing as part of an effective approach to sustainable agricultural management that allows agronomists, agricultural engineers, and farmers to help streamline their operations, using robust data analytics to gain effective insights into their crops.  Products can be accurately traced from farm to fork using GPS …

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India’s Hydroponic Farm

Hydroponic System is a system of growing crops without soil, often called soilless farming. In the hydroponic system, the plant roots grow in a liquid nutrient solution or inside moist inert materials like Rockwool and Vermiculite. The liquid nutrient solution is a mixture of essential plant nutrients in the water. The plant roots are suspended …

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