Buying a residential plot? Follow these Vastu tips

Vaastu is a very important factor that many take into consideration while purchasing land for construction. Every place has its aura and Vaastu helps in enhancing the positive vibes of a particular place and warding off the negativity that surrounds it. Consulting a Vaastu Shastri before planning out construction on land is very important. Many unknown facts should be the focal point while choosing land for construction.

Importantly, When you’re buying a flat in an apartment or looking to rent out a flat you should still look for certain Vastu aspects. A lot of people still think that Vastu is not important because their house is not touching the ground (i.e not on the ground floor) but Vastu doesn’t work that way. No matter how many floors up you are, you’re still connected to the ground. This is why we’ve listed Vastu tips for Flats that will help you find an apartment that uses Vastu the right way & why the direction of the house is important as per Vastu?

Types of land that one should avoid as per Vaastu:

Avoid going for triangular, diamond, and L-shaped lands as these are unpromising

Try not to go for apartments that are oddly shaped, go for square or rectangular buildings.

Land that is near to any electrical power station or surrounded by electric poles brings negative energy and is ominous for the family.

Avoid apartments that have large bodies of water in the South or West direction of the apartment.

Check for slopes while planning out construction. Westward slopes should be avoided as it calls for health-related problems in the family.

Say a big ‘No’ to a haunted or a left-away land or if someone has committed suicide there.

A land/plot with a lot of cracks and too much wet soil is not a feasible option.

Having elevated lands or Mountains towards east direction is said to be financial and health destructive plots.

Mounds, heavy rocky lands, hills, huge apartments towards North is said to be iniquitous plots.

Types of land that you should choose:

A land, surrounded by greenery, is good for habitation and trademarks growth and prosperity.

Look for plot/land facing North to attract good vibes. North facing land is very auspicious.

If a plot has Northeast extension then residents can buy it.

If there is two roads like North road and east roads, consider this as an auspicious plot.

The land bordered by roads from every direction is a suited choice for commercial constructions while choosing corner plots/land is a good option for constructing the home and ensures productivity.

Hills or mounts or Hillocks or mounds or elevated lands, apartments, towards South is said to be great financial strength to the said plot.

Elevated areas, hummock, apartments, hump projection lands, fully loaded tall trees towards Southwest is excellent.

Rectangular plot is marvel. Square plot is excelsior.

Prepare a checklist before buying the plot like legal issues, exact legal heirs of that plot. What points should be check when buying a plot. Investigate well before doing any construction of the land. If someone is selling the land at a very cheap rate, then there must be something fishy about it. It is always good to opt for the land where happy and successful people have lived as it will attract positivity itself.

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